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Pleasant Living Foster Care can deliver everything you would do for that loved one you are worried about . Our adult foster home provides many amenities so you’ll certainly rest assured that the one you love remains safe and secure regardless of whether you are living across the country or just a few minutes drive down the street.

Our scores are more than good. They are perfect. We have a score of 100% from the El Paso Health Department. Our commitment is continuous improvement.

We are Pleasant Living Foster Care!


  •  Three meals per day
  • Monitoring of Medications
  • Monitoring of Blood Preassure
  • Linen Wash
  •  Cable TV
  • Daily Glucose Checks
  • Rooms Equipped with Motion Sensors

What to expect

with foster care

Foster Care

There are many people out there that do not know that foster care can be for adults as well as children. Adult foster care is for people that are capable of living in the community, but they need assistance. This includes people with developmental disabilities, physical impairments and the elderly. Instead of sending these individuals to some type of nursing care facility, they are placed in a home with others and they try their best to function as a family unit. There are benefits of adult foster care for the providers as well as the residents.

A Sense Of Togetherness

When many people start to age, their families don’t visit them as much as they used to. This results in them living a life that is almost full of solitude. While some people like this, others are not as enthusiastic about the prospect of being alone. Since there are usually other residents living in adult foster care homes, this offers them the chance to interact with others on a daily basis. For someone that was thisclose to living the life of a hermit, this idea has plenty of appeal.

A Solid Home Environment

When you think of an adult going to live in a place away from their own homes, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is a nursing home. While those facilities provide medical care for people that need it, they are more of a clinical setting than many people care for. Think about it this way; why would you want to go and live in a hospital-like setting when you can live in a residential home? The best thing to do would be to meet with the providers of several adult care homes. This will give you a good idea of how it may be to interact with them regularly. You can also discuss what is going to be expected of you if you decide to live in their home.

Help With Your Personal Care

There are many clients that are in this situation because they are not able to take care of their personal needs. Having someone else there to assist is a great benefit. Since the providers are trained to help you with your care, there is no need to feel embarrassed about needing any help. They can help you with laundry, provide meals, help with bathing and transportation to any of your obligations outside  the home. There are other personal care duties they can provide, but this all depends on the needs of each individual.

An Ear When You Need Need It

Most providers are not trained mental health clinicians, but they can be there if you need someone to lean on emotionally. Sometimes when you have an issue, it helps to talk it out with someone else. Also, there may be other residents you can talk to about any problems you may have been experiencing. It will also help your general well-being to have people relate to your situation.

The Opportunity To Meet New People

This is one of the benefits of adult foster care that apply to the providers and the clients. Everyone that enters foster care does not stay for the same length of time. This means that the makeup of the residents changes as time passes. Everyone that is involved in this situation can use this as an opportunity to get to know new people. This is especially useful for people that are very shy and/or do not get a chance to get out as much as they would like to.

As you can probably tell by now, there are many benefits of adult foster care. While some of them come from provided a home for someone that needs it, others come from staying in a place where you can have help with your daily needs. Hopefully reading all of the information above has made everything clear to you.